How would you rank the characters of Avengers: Infinity War?

I won’t be ranking all the characters, so here are my picks for the Top 5s:

  1. Thanos : He has a backstory and a reason to do what he’s doing. Though his way isn’t ethical, but he thinks that he’s doing good and maintaining balance by eradicating exactly half of the Universe. He’s a real badass, defeated Hulk with his own brute strength. He knows how to use infinity stones and one by one he got all the stones. The moment at Vormir was saddening, he sacrificed Gamora to gain the Infinity Stone, and that showed how focused and determined he was to get what he wanted even if it cost him his beloved daughter, his Black Order or anything.
  2. Thor : He’s lost so much since Thor : The Dark World, he lost his mother, father, hammer(mjolnir), his best friends were killed by his sister, lost his eye, lost his homeworld. The only good thing happened to him in Ragnarok was that he got to know his true hidden powers. But infinity war starts exactly where Ragnarok ends, he loses his brother, hiemdall, half of the asgardians. But, then he meets the Guardians of the Galaxy. He teamed up with Rocket and Groot to go to Nidavellir and forge a new weapon. And, holy shit, he’s become the total badass super strongest avenger. Plus, he gets a new eye! He’s more powerful now than he was at the end of Ragnarok. And he brings in a good amout of Humor.()
  3. Iron Man : Though, my personal favourites are, and will always be, Thor and Captain America but I think Iron Man was underrated because everyone is talking about either Thanos, or Thor, or the Deaths especially Spiderman’s. Tony was the absolute best in this Movie. He was the only one that made Thanos bleed. And his Bleeding Edge armor was the best suit that anyone has ever seen. He was able to mod it into anythink he wanted to. Tony was prepared for Thanos…and… Thanos knew him too!, I got goosebumps when Thanos said “Stark”. Tony will play a big role in the next Avengers.
  4. Dr Strange : He’s grown so much powerful than the last time we saw him. His battle with Thanos at Titan was Amazing, he got to show his skills and he was indeed an important part of Infinity war. He saw more than 14 million future possibilities and everything that happened at the end of Avengers: infinity war, was the only 1 successful way to defeat Thanos. So, everything… all those who disintegrated when Thanos snapped his fingers, was already forseen by Dr Strange.
  5. Scarlett Witch : Deciding the 5th Rank was very difficult given that many characters deserve this position such as Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, T’Chala , Black Widow and Rocket. All of them had done extremely good in this movie, but I will give the edge to Wanda, she was brilliant, in the beginning she tried her best to protect Vision from Proxima midnight and Corvus Glaive. It was heartbreaking what she had to do to destroy the Mind Stone. She killed Proxima midnight, she had a big role to play in this movie.

I believe Steve, Black Widow, Hulk, and Nebula will have a bigger role to play in the next movie. I was let down by the Black order because they weren’t as strong as I expected. Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf did well. Spider-man was excellent, his death was heartbreaking and the most saddest part of the movie. People are hating Star Lord, but his actions were just. Anyone would be angry enough to kill the person who has killed his loved one. Hulk, people think that he’s too afraid of Thanos that he didn’t come out but I have my own theory about it and which feels very Apt. Hulk has now his own personality.

Shout out to Loki and Heimdall. They had nothing new to do with Loki’s character, as we saw in Ragnarok, he became too “Predictable”, and was handled with humor. Though I would love to see him again, but as a cunning and a deceiving Villain or an Anti-hero and not as a joke.

The movie was well balanced with Action, story and humor.

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