What is one thing no one noticed in Avengers: Infinity War

The first two is about MCU and the third one is from infinity war

  1. I don’t know why, Oxygen is considered as a universal breathing medium in MCU. All the species in MCU seems to be living in an oxygen surrounded environment. All those planets Titan, Xandar, Knowhere, That grandmaster planet, ego etc seems to be covered in oxygen layered atmosphere !!!!
  2. Also the usage of English. Every Species in MCU is using English as a medium for communication. Thanos, Black order, Ronan, xandarians etc seems to be familiar with the usage of English. How ????
  3. No worries about oxygen problem in the space.

There is only one instance of characters worrying about breathing in this film, and it’s when Spider-Man is being dragged into the atmosphere by one of Thanos’ ships. Iron Man sends him his new armor, and everything ends up fine. Somehow, despite all of the space travel and distant planets, nobody ever worries about oxygen again.

If that wasn’t enough, some characters even remove their (presumably) oxygenated headgear in dangerous scenarios.

Most notably, Tony Stark enters a spaceship and takes his helmet off without a second thought.

Sure, we’re aware that he probably has something in his suit that tells him whether or not it’s safe to breathe the air, but he doesn’t even so much as question his situation. This is the same guy who suffered from panic attacks in Iron Man 3, mind you. It might have been a few years since then, but there is no way that the same guy would be totally fine about stowing away on an alien spaceship.

Then Spider-Man absent-mindedly takes off his mask, just because he sees Tony without his!

Even the Infinity Gauntlet comic thought to address this, with Doctor Strange casting a spell on the Avengers to make sure they could breathe in space for a limited time. The MCU characters are way too careless about space travel.

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