What’s your favorite scene in Marvel Infinity War?

My favorite scene is when Tony is about to get squashed by Obsidian Cull, nothing but outstretched arms to protect against that hammer from hell that Cull lugs around, and the hammer/axe stops mid-swing. Out pops everyone’s favorite arachnid/human hybrid, young Peter Parker who is actually so polite as to greet the would-be hero crusher and calls Tony “Mr. Stark”

Then we get a look at what Peters been doing in his off time. After being tossed like a rag doll, he apparently slings some web to catch himself, and then more to catch the car that Obsidian Cull heaves at Iron Man, bringing it down squarely on the villain’s head.

I was not a big Spider Man comic reader, but I am constantly hearing on social media how much Peter has to hold back in battle because he doesn’t really want to kill anyone. Most of what we see is just a sample of his full physical strength, and if its proportionate to a real spider, hes about 200 times as strong as a normal human. The comics suggest that he is stronger than that, but let’s just go with the proportionate strength of a real spider which can lift over 200 times it’s own body weight. He even apologizes to the weapons buyer on the ferry for tossing him so hard. I think we’ll soon get a taste of Spidey’s full strength and the combat training hes done since we left him in Homecoming.

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